Friday, September 9, 2016

Promises, Promises

I'm big on promises.  Promises mean a lot to me; I don't make or take them lightly, and I make damn sure I do everything in my power to follow through.  If I it's something I know I can't do right away, or it will take some time, I make sure I inform the person(s) and keep them abreast of the situation.
I keep my promises, and I expect people to keep their promises to me.
Why the diatribe?  Well, I wanted you to know how serious I am when I say the following:

I promise to get this game out to the public.

Granted, it may be a simple PDF, free download, or even a Kickstarter, but I will get it out in the wild.  There's a lot to do, and I plan on documenting the process as I move forward.  Speaking of which...

Update #1

  • Core mechanic is ready for preliminary testing.  I ran some simulations, and the numbers look good.  I plan on running a couple of combat scenarios next week, and taking notes on what works and what doesn't.
  • Skill list is pretty much complete (for now).  
  • Starting to work on Advantages and Disadvantages, although they won't be called that.  I've started a list, but some of them seem either redundant, or a bit vanilla.  
  • Combat, damage, and action examples are being fleshed out.
  • Character creation is close to completion.
  • Race creation needs to be addressed, i.e. needs to start.
That's it for now, folks!  Feel free to comment, and I'll post more when I can.